Variations and Attributes generator for ProcessWire


Variations is a simple yet powerful commercial ProcessWire module that allows website editors to create attributes and their values and from those generate variations of any entity, most notably products.

By creating attributes and their values, for instance, Size - Small, Medium, Large and Colour - Red, Green, Yellow, etc, and combining these, it is possible to generate variations that describe different versions of something. For instance, different versions of the same T-Shirt.

The module consists of  FieldtypeVariations and InputfieldVariations as well as a ProcessVariations for managing variations configurations and attributes. Setting up the field is quite easy.

First, create a field of type Variations. Define some custom inputs that will need to be directly edited on the page containing the field, for instance a product price, SKU, etc.

Secondly, via the Inputfield, create a couple of attributes.

Thirdly, create a variations configuration and add the attributes and values you want in the configuration. Link that variations configuration to your page and the module will automatically generate all possible combinations (variations) of the attribute values in that configuration. These, together with the custom inputs you created when setting up the field will be displayed on the page (e.g. a product page), ready for editing. This makes this module quite unique; variations are defined at the page-level rather than at the field level. This presents lots of possibilities such as infinitely reusable attributes and variations configurations. 

Please refer to the documentation for detailed instructions about installing and using the module.



An overview of the changes between Variations versions can be found here.