Variations and Attributes generator for ProcessWire

Installing Variations


The following condition must be met before you can install and use Variations


On install the module will create 3 templates (variations-config, variations-configs and variations-attributes), a field (variations_config) and a permission (variations). You need to ensure that you have no such named components in your system BEFORE you attempt to install this module.

On uninstall of the module, these components will be automatically deleted as well as any Variations Configurations and Attributes created.


The ZIP file that the module comes in can be uploaded directly to your admin in Modules > New > Upload. If your modules file system is not writable, you can also install it this way:

  1. ProcessVariations.
  2. FieldtypeVariations.
  3. InputfieldVariations.
  4. VariationsCustomTableManager


After installation, you will need to set up one access control to ensure your non-Superusers are able to use Variations. When you install the module, it creates a permission called variations. Normal users will need this permission in order to use the module. All you need to do to enable this is to add the permission to the role(s) for these users. More fine-grained permissions are covered in these topics.