Variations and Attributes generator for ProcessWire

Permissions: An Introduction

As previously stated, on install, Variations creates a permission named variations. This controls access to ProcessVariations. In other words, access to creating and editing variations configurations and attributes.

There will be times when you need a bit more control on who can edit, publish, delete, etc, Variations. For such cases, the following 5 permissions are available to you. Please note that if you need to use any of them you will need to first create that permission. Details on what each permission controls are covered in subsequent topics.

  1. Permission variations-publish.
  2. Permission variations-lock.
  3. Permission variations-delete.
  4. Permission variations-edit.
  5. Permission variations-generate.

Please note that in cases where a permission applies to both variations configurations and attributes, if present, the permission will access-control both these aspects. In other words, it is not possible to limit access to deleting attributes but not to variations configurations.